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Public Affairs

We provide solutions to our clients, by building strategic relationships with key stakeholders and following up on regulatory and legislative activities that impact their agendas.


We intervene in unforeseen situations that may harm the reputation and interests of our clients, providing timely information and action.

Narrative and Reputation

We build a positive corporate image and a narrative adjusted to our clients' sectors and stakeholders.

Strategic Engagement and Advocacy

We develop collaborative relationships with government, legislative and international actors that are key to the issues that affect our clients and their objectives.

Crisis management

We intervene and act in unexpected situations that may be detrimental to the reputation and interests of our clients.

4 Political Analysis

We analyze information from the political context to provide our clients with intelligence that allows them to identify opportunities and risks, and to act accordingly.

Legislative and regulatory monitoring

We follow up on regulatory changes and the activity of political actors, regulatory agencies and Congress on issues that affect our clients'  agenda.

Monitoring of electoral processes

We provide relevant and timely information on candidates' agendas and the possible results of state and federal elections.

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